Joint business venture between GS Engineering & BridgeGuard, Inc.


A tentative agreement has been reached between Glen Simula, President and CEO of GS Engineering and Dorothy Ruohonen, CEO of BridgeGuard, Inc. to expand BridgeGuard service offerings under a new company ‐ GS Infrastructure. As a joint venture business, GS Infrastructure will utilize the strengths of GS Engineering and BridgeGuard to expand nationally the products and nondestructive evaluation services offered by BridgeGuard.

With the creation of GS Infrastructure, current nondestructive IR inspection technologies will be further developed, adding ground penetrating radar (GPR) to their suite of sensors. GS Infrastructure will continue to evaluate bridges nationally while targeting other infrastructure‐related markets, including roads, dams, railway and airports. GS Infrastructure will also leverage the depth of GS Engineering Inc. as they continue to develop novel technologies.

Glen Simula founded GS Engineering, located in Houghton, Mich., in 2001 with the purpose of applying advanced technology to solve engineering problems in the military, commercial vehicle, and aerospace industries. Core services include product development, instrumented field testing, and design and analysis services. “We look forward to developing new engineering technologies for accurately assessing our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure,” said Simula.

BridgeGuard, headquartered in Hancock, Mich. with an office in West Palm Beach, Fla., opened their doors in 2008 as a non‐destructive evaluation service company specializing in the application of infrared sensor technology for the evaluation of concrete bridge decks and substructures.

“The collective strengths of the two businesses serve as a great opportunity to expand the service offerings,” said Ruohonen. “GS Engineering’s high‐level mechanical and electrical engineering services and their quality control and manufacturing processes combined with BridgeGuard’s experience in NDT sensors creates unparalleled value to state and federal agencies. Our venture will have an immediate impact on the infrastructure market.”


GS Infrastructure was founded on the core business principals of GS Engineering, which have proven to deliver a high level of technology and value. GS Infrastructure, led by President Lynn Eliason and Vice‐president Jay Ruohonen, will be supported by a technical team to further develop ground breaking technologies in the infrared (IR) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) infrastructure inspection industry. The goal of GS Infrastructure will be to leverage current intellectual property and fuse alternative streams of data to perform efficient infrastructure evaluation. Through these technologies GS Infrastructure will be the national leader in infrastructure inspection. GS Infrastructures will remain headquartered in Michigan while further developing a national network for sales and data collection.

Contact: Jay Ruohonen, Vice President, GS Infrastructure. 401 Hancock St., Hancock, MI 49930. (906)483-2670;