MTEC SmartZone sets more new companies in motion with SmartStart entrepreneurial coaching program

HOUGHTON, Michigan (March 25, 2015) – SmartStart, MTEC SmartZone’s entrepreneurial coaching program, continues to create local jobs by launching high-tech startups. Life Cycle Solutions, LLC, and are the most recent graduates of SmartStart. They join other growing companies enjoying the benefits of MTEC SmartZone, which provides access to affordable office space, business counseling, networking, and funding opportunities to help them thrive locally.

SmartStart is an intensive five-week program designed to help entrepreneurs and inventors transform their ideas into viable businesses. Since its inception in 2012, SmartStart has assisted 26 new companies and more than 70 class participants.

Life Cycle Solutions, LLC (LCS) provides services for sustainable management of civil infrastructure systems, and helps state and municipal agencies use their resources efficiently while reducing environmental impacts. develops and distributes innovative online training and informational presentations for the public works sector, which includes street and highway maintenance, water and sewer system management, and winter maintenance.

According to co-founder John Ryynanen, “SmartStart helped us clarify our product, target market and business development strategies. We have a much clearer view of the landscape in which we operate.” Also valuable, he said, were the connections they provided to local professionals who shared expertise in marketing, business strategy and management, and finance. “We had experienced, influential friends we could call on for help with whatever problems or challenges we faced,” Ryynanen said.

For more information about SmartStart, visit MTEC SmartZone at or call 906-487-7000.