MTEC SmartZone Partners with Michigan Technological University’s Superior Innovations: New program will help entrepreneurs develop classroom and lab discoveries.

HOUGHTON, Michigan (September 8, 2011) – For over seven years, MTEC SmartZone has established a track record of successfully providing concrete resources and support to high-tech entrepreneurs, many of whom come from Michigan Technological University. In new collaborations, organizations are aligning to help alumni, staff and students start more companies than ever.

Carlton Crothers Resigns as MTEC SmartZone CEO

Houghton, MI – The Board of Directors of Michigan Tech Enterprise Corporation (MTEC), the operating arm of MTEC SmartZone, announced today the resignation of CEO Carlton Crothers.

Crothers, who has led MTEC SmartZone through great successes in the past five years, is leaving to pursue other opportunities.

Governor Snyder Addresses Houghton: SmartZones Key to Gardening Job Creation in Michigan, and Proven Locally

HOUGHTON, Michigan (August 29, 2011) – Governor Rick Snyder held a town hall-style meeting Tuesday, August 16 in Houghton, Michigan. Governor Snyder addressed key topics of reinventing the state through economic development, specifically targeting entrepreneurs. He highlighted SmartZones as a means to create an environment ripe for entrepreneurism. In the Keweenaw, MTEC SmartZone is proof of Governor Snyder’s discussion.

MTEC SmartZone Company, Lasalletech Continues Global Growth

HANCOCK, Michigan – LaSalle Technology Group, LLC (Lasalletech) is an established MTEC SmartZone company. Founded by the father and son team of Jim and Jacob Northey in 2006, they opened office in MTEC SmartZone’s Jutila Center campus. Utilizing technology, loan programs and marketing resources provided by MTEC SmartZone, Lasalletech has found success through the development phase, product launch and now sales.

Ford IT Finds Success Insourcing Jobs to Talented Michigan Tech Students

Houghton, MI – Many companies who outsource jobs overseas save money while boosting production. However, Ford Motor Company discovered several IT functions that could be remotely sourced but faced challenges due to language barriers, high staff turnover, short supply skill sets and time zone issues. Russell Louks, Ford’s Application Technology Supervisor, began to look for alternatives.

New MTEC SmartZone Loan Program Available for Local Small Businesses

HOUGHTON, MI - Technology businesses in the western Upper Peninsula and the Keweenaw have access to new funding for startup and growth. Companies who wish to start, expand or relocate within the Keweenaw region may apply for assistance from the MTEC SmartZone Loan Fund.