State Approves 15-Year Extension for MTEC SmartZone

HOUGHTON, MI - The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has approved a 15- year extension in funding for the Michigan Tech Enterprise Corporation SmartZone, a nonprofit business and technology incubator comprising the cities of Houghton and Hancock. The new authorization extends support of the MTEC SmartZone to 2032.

Part of the requirement for an extension was to create a satellite office. MTEC SmartZone helped create Innovate Marquette SmartZone, which was up and running in September 2015.

Focus On Fishing With ProNav Angler's Total Boat Control

Smart features offer serious anglers total control at an affordable price

Hancock, MI - Dec. 11, 2015 - ProNav™ Marine's revolutionary new ProNav
Angler™ uses a smartphone or tablet to control your boat's every move so you don't have to.

4 More SmartStart Graduates

Congrats to the SmartStart Graduates of November 2015! As the final phase before graduating from our program, the entrepreneurs had to pitch their business idea to a group of industry experts. The 4 graduates are: Weijie Gao, Greg Storm, Jacob Hebert, and Chris Middlebrook. We are excited to see where they will take their companies! Great Job!


For more information on the program and how you can turn your idea into a great opportunity, please contact Jason Mack (Director of SmartStart Program) at


“Yoopers” who live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.) have built a legacy around Lake Superior; their culture rich in mining, great fishing, pasties and even flannel. The tough, “can-do” spirit that it takes to bear the U.P.’s long winters is what now drives innovation throughout the region. Through the start and growth of high-tech companies, the U.P. is quickly transforming into “innovation shore.”

MTEC SmartZone start-up, QTEK draws international attention at trade show New mineral technology could greatly reduce spread of germs

HOUGHTON, Michigan (May 5, 2015) – MTEC SmartStart graduate, QTEK, is drawing international attention for its newly developed Surfion technology, an antimicrobial agent that can be added to plastics, paints and coatings. QTEK’s cost-effective, all-natural, mineral-based additive will last the product’s lifetime, ultimately improving the health environment. QTEK’s Surfion technology utilizes ionic copper as an active agent and a natural mineral to efficiently store and deliver ionic copper to common touch surfaces.