Lasalletech co-founder, Jim Northey, among leading financial trading industry experts to co-author book

HANCOCK, Michigan (February 19, 2014) – “Handbook of Financial Data and Risk Information” is a comprehensive reference for the technical, operational, regulatory and political issues in collecting, measuring, and managing financial data. Its audience ranges from financial industry practitioners and regulators responsible for implementing risk management systems, to system integrators and software firms.

Lasalletech co-founder Jim Northey is among a handful of key figures to co-author the new handbook for the global financial trading industry. Distribution of the book is planned for summer 2014.

Northey, along with Karla McKenna and Bill Nichols, co-authored a chapter titled, “Financial data interchange standards.” The chapter provides an overview of relevant standards for conveying data, primarily financial reference (products and participants) and transaction data (trades and positions) standards.

“It’s an important introductory chapter that provides a solid reference on financial standards,” Northey said. “Our perspective at Lasalletech is that it is important to give back and be very proactive in trying to improve the overall industry where we provide products and services. This book is just one of the few ways we do this.”