L’Anse Manufacturing President Mark Massicotte receives Operation Action U.P. Award of Excellence for 2013

L’ANSE, Michigan (January 22, 2014) – L’Anse Manufacturing, Inc. is one of four Upper Peninsula businesses to receive an Award of Excellence for 2013 during the annual meeting of Operation Action U.P. (OAUP) in Marquette on Tuesday, January 21.

The OAUP Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding businesses or major institutional employers who have contributed to the economic well-being of the Upper Peninsula. The awards were presented during the group’s 50th anniversary meeting at Northern Michigan University.

Massicotte was nominated by Western Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Region Executive Director Kim Stoker and MTEC SmartZone CEO Marilyn Clark for leadership. According to his nomination, “Mark answered the call to help reorganize the Western Upper Peninsula Workforce Development Board. He stood up when no one else would and took the appropriate actions to get the organization working again to help job seekers and employers in the western U.P.”

The nomination continued, “Everyone knows that without a skilled workforce to fill open jobs and attract new employers to an area, there would be little or no economic growth. Without Mark’s leadership these things might not have happened. He took time out of his busy schedule and attended the meetings, reviewed the paperwork and put things back on track. We in the western U.P. are grateful for his leadership and his community values.”

During the awards ceremony, Massicotte spoke about L’Anse Manufacturing’s commitment to educating and training employees. “The focus on training is supported by the approach that our strength is in people. Training and building cognitive skills is a key attribute for successful companies. I’d like to thank all in the U.P. who, each and every day, work diligently to make the U.P. a better place to live. Without everyone’s efforts, awards like this would not be possible,” he said.

Also honored for their contribution to the economic well-being of the U.P. were Peninsula Fiber Network, Superior Fabrication and Enstrom Helicopter Corporation.

OAUP is a privately-funded economic development organization in Michigan. Their mission is to bring together interested industrial corporations, financial institutions, utilities, institutions of higher learning, businesses and concerned citizens in a coalition that works to create a favorable economic climate and strong employment base in the U.P.

For more information about Operation Action U.P., visit www.operationactionup.org.