Gov. Rick Snyder applauds MTEC SmartZone for creating 'synergy and power' across the U.P. in State of the State address

HOUGHTON, Michigan (January 17, 2014) – Exciting new developments at MTEC SmartZone were among key issues Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder discussed in his fourth State of the State address in Lansing Thursday evening.

Snyder talked about MTEC SmartZone’s collaboration with Michigan Technological University, entrepreneurs and local governments to foster economic success in the Upper Peninsula. That collaboration has continued to thrive for more than a decade, leading to new developments and opportunities for job creation across the Upper Peninsula.

“We have a situation where they are partnering with Northern Michigan University and Marquette. So we are bringing communities together and bringing synergy and power. So I want to compliment those particular communities and those universities in the U.P. for their outstanding work,” Gov. Snyder said in his address Thursday.

Since 2003, MTEC SmartZone has proven great success for the cities of Houghton and Hancock, creating more than 400 high-tech jobs and assisting over 47 entrepreneur technology start-ups by providing entrepreneurs with training and resource programs. Now, MTEC SmartZone is reaching out to the Marquette area to create the same successes for that economy. Both Marquette and Houghton-Hancock officials are looking to expand high-tech job creation with the development of a satellite business incubator in Marquette.

State Representative Scott Dianda said, “This collaboration brings so many positive opportunities to the Upper Peninsula. MTEC SmartZone has garnered statewide respect for their high-tech job creation and economic development. I’ve visited many SmartZones and we’ve got the best.”

MTEC SmartZone board member Dan Webber said, “It has become time for a more regional approach to leveraging the talents along the ‘Technology Shore’ between Houghton-Hancock and Marquette, supporting economic sustainability for the entire Upper Peninsula. Given the always-limited resources, we must work together to advance the best technologies that promote employment opportunities for our existing communities and the State of Michigan as a whole.”

Richard Anderson, a consultant to MTEC SmartZone said, “Leadership from the city of Marquette, Northern Michigan University and private sector leaders have been collaborating over the last six months on the SmartZone satellite partnership. We are in the early stages of putting together a long-term strategy. The plan, in part, accelerates connecting the commercialization know-how and talent development capacity that’s emerging in the Marquette region with IT and innovation originating from Michigan Tech and MTEC SmartZone.”

MTEC SmartZone CEO Marilyn Clark added, “The collaboration between Houghton-Hancock and Marquette is a natural progression to bridge economies and high-tech opportunities.”