MTEC SmartZone Hires New Start-Up Business Consultant

HOUGHTON, Michigan (January 16, 2013) – Entrepreneurs are faced with many unique challenges when starting a new technology company, from formulating successful business plans to securing start-up funds. The process can be emotional and discouraging, yet exciting and invigorating. To help early stage firms overcome these challenges, MTEC SmartZone has hired experienced startup business consultant Jeff Banker.


“Whenever I get involved with a start-up, an idea or a prototype, I always like to answer the question: Does this make sense to build a business around?” Banker says. “I want to know: Is there a sustainable competitive advantage to the position?”


Banker has an impressive career history, working as lead executive for multiple start-up and early stage firms. He has substantial ties in entrepreneurial communities around Michigan and the Midwest including universities, economic development entities, angel networks and venture capital firms.


MTEC SmartZone start-up technology companies will benefit substantially under Banker’s executive leadership. He specializes in strategic leadership, entrepreneurial drive and skill set, relationship management, fund raising, team building, market research and business planning. His goal is to identify early in the start-up process whether a potential idea or prototype has an opportunity for growth.


“The idea is to move them further down the commercialization pipeline to where they become viable,” Banker says. “I’m the proverbial Jack-of-all-trades for an early stage management team.”