Talon Research, Inc. Graduates from MTEC SmartZone

HANCOCK, Michigan (September 27, 2012) – Talon Research, Inc., the newest tenant to graduate from MTEC SmartZone, celebrated the official opening of their new location in Hancock, Michigan, with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce.

Talon, renowned for developing BridgeGuard, a revolutionary infrared bridge inspection technology, recently moved from MTEC SmartZone’s Jutila Center business incubator to the former D&N building on Hancock Street. “We couldn’t have gotten here without the support of MTEC SmartZone, MEDC and several other people,” Talon President Jay Ruohonen said. “We have a lot more great things to come in our future with additional products we’re developing.”

Talon Research and its CAD division, Hawk Technologies, overseen by Jay’s wife Dorothy Ruohonen, became a tenant of MTEC SmartZone in April 2008. Over the past five years, the company has created nine jobs locally. “MTEC SmartZone supported our growth by giving us the resources we needed to expand our business,” he said. “We’re happy to stay here in Downtown Hancock.”

In addition to utilizing high-tech offices, lab space and programs offered through MTEC SmartZone, the company recently received a $44,000 Business Accelerator Fund grant to further expand its BridgeGuard product line.

SmartZone Program Director, Jonathan Leinonen said Talon is a prime example of how small businesses benefit from financial resources provided by Michigan Economic Development Corporation and related programs through MTEC SmartZone. “Talon marked progress by several significant company developments, including settling on the name Talon Research, adding new staff, adding space, and building up the BridgeGuard product line,” Leinonen said. “MTEC SmartZone is pleased to witness the company growth, as Talon has gained clients across the United States and the world.”

Hancock City Manager Glenn Anderson said Talon’s presence downtown has made a positive impact on the business community. “Talon is a classic success story of MTEC SmartZone,” Anderson said. “We realize how significant this is for the local economy and for Michigan.”

To learn more about Talon Research, Inc. visit www.talonresearch.com.

To learn more about programs for entrepreneurs at MTEC SmartZone, call (906) 487-7000.

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