Lasalletech Continues Global Growth - MTEC SmartZone Tenant Benefits from Sales Training

Hancock, MI ( June 27, 2012) – Lasalletech recently landed two new clients, thanks to sales training the owners were recently referred to by MTEC SmartZone.

Lasalletech is a software company, founded by Jim and Jacob Northey, that provides products and consulting solutions to improve productivity and communication in the global financial trading industry. Lasalletech’s “FIX Productivity Suite” is a set of highly integrated tools that reduce operational costs and risks. Lasalletech products are proven to lower the total cost of adoption of financial industry standard messaging protocols.

Jim and Jacob both have engineering backgrounds, but did not possess the necessary sales management experience. They approached MTEC SmartZone Program Director, Jonathan Leinonen, who recommended a combination of consulting via a senior sales executive and a highly effective sales training workshop in Washington, DC.

The sales workshop was a two-day program consisting of 14 hours of interactive, entertaining and challenging training. Jacob says the sales techniques and processes training was presented at a level that could be understood by an engineer. “The training taught us how to dive right into the sale, and quickly determine the customer’s problems and if we should proceed based upon whether we could add value.”

Following the training, Lasalletech saw an immediate positive impact on their business. Since implementing this new sales technique, they landed two new clients. Jacob states, “MTEC SmartZone came in at the right time. They identified where our company was and what our needs are, in order to get to that next level.”

Thanks to a vibrant high-tech industry, partnerships and assistance from MTEC SmartZone, Lasalletech has grown to create 10 jobs since they opened doors in 2006.

Jonathan Leinonen says, “MTEC SmartZone works with technology companies to develop opportunities that can make a significant difference. For Lasalletech, we helped with specific adjustments in sales processes, which is showing direct results.”

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