Young Local Entrepreneur Travels to Ann Arbor for SPARK Boot Camp

Ann Arbor, Michigan (April 30, 2012) – Adam Gibson, a young, local entrepreneur, at first glance looks like the video-gamer kid next door. While he is exactly that, Adam, 22, is also the creative force behind an Internet-based promotional tracking tool developed for marketing and advertising agencies. He also devised algorithms for financial trading, creating a program now used by brokerage firms in New York City. Adam has many other great ideas, but he’s not sure where to go next.

With the assistance of MTEC SmartZone, Adam has the opportunity to transform from a young computer whiz into a successful high-tech CEO. MTEC SmartZone CEO, Marilyn Clark is excited to help him do just that, but first, Adam must develop the many skills needed to launch a successful business. Entrepreneurs need to understand how to manage cash flow, track expenses, articulate their product or service, register for a patent or trademark, identify customer needs, and so much more.

In March, Marilyn, Adam and another entrepreneur company traveled to MTEC SmartZone’s sister incubator in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to attend the SPARK Entrepreneur Boot Camp. SPARK’s Boot Camp is a two-day intensive training program where entrepreneurs and small business owners meet with experienced mentors, watch presentations, network with other entrepreneurs, and depart with some basic tools and information needed to start a business.

This unique opportunity allowed Adam to join other entrepreneurs in a high-learning, critical thinking environment where he could assess his ideas, identify potential customers and refine a comprehensive strategy. “I walked away with solid tools, plans and deliverables for the real world,” says Adam, adding excitingly, “Even cooler – I walked away with projects and clients!”

Adam worked closely with three mentors in two-hour sessions to cover everything from marketing to product development. He also nailed down a one-minute elevator pitch encompassing 15 aspects of his business, such as product description, financials, founder information, and more. For Adam, the most valuable aspects of Boot Camp were the networking, directions specific to his business, and learning about customers.

“Right now is a great time for entrepreneurs, the number of resources is incredible,” says MTEC SmartZone Program Director, Jonathan Leinonen. Economic focus is changing from big business to small business. Governments are investing large sums to support small business growth and start-ups, including additional funding to business incubators. Statistics show that 87% of incubator graduates become successful businesses. MTEC SmartZone and Ann Arbor SPARK are two great examples!

Local entrepreneurs interested in SPARK’s Boot Camp are encouraged to contact MTEC SmartZone CEO Marilyn Clark at (906) 487–7000.

For more information about Boot Camp, visit: or call (734) 761–9317.