Talented Engineering Students Perfect Fit for MTEC SmartZone Technology Companies

Houghton, Michigan (November 11, 2011) – Businesses growing in MTEC SmartZone are seeing many benefits as they hire bright, innovative technology students from Michigan Technological University. Engineering students have proven to be a very capable workforce, enabling companies to save money, maintain quality and help boost the local economy.

Several MTEC SmartZone businesses, including F-100 companies Ford Motor and GE Aviation Systems, and start-ups Talon Research, Consistacom and Lasalletech, have eagerly hired University students to fill technology positions. Michigan Tech’s Vice President for Research, David Reed, states, “Michigan Tech has a reputation for producing students that can hit the ground running due to their hands-on education. Science and engineering students in particular have had great opportunities and success with companies in MTEC SmartZone. Everyone wins with these relationships – our students, the companies, the University and the community.”

Michigan Tech students obtain relevant work experience and help solve real-world engineering problems through a variety of university venues, including Senior Capstone Design Program and Enterprise Program. In these settings, students work on teams to tackle engineering projects presented by sponsor companies, who often implement team solutions into their business processes.

Duane Bucheger, PhD, Professor of Practice, states, “Michigan Technological University’s senior design program brings together students and industrial sponsors in a collaborative research and development environment. The engineering students and their industry partners are afforded unlimited possibilities for learning and achievement while they tackle real-world engineering projects, which help their transition into industry.”

Student teams gain valuable, hands-on experience through these programs, from setting project objectives, schedules and budgets, to designing, prototyping and testing the final technology solution. Students learn important teamwork, communication and presentation skills as well, providing an advantage in the job market.

With over 3,000 of Michigan Tech’s fall-semester enrolled students majoring in electrical and mechanical engineering and computer science fields, area businesses have abundant choices for hiring possibilities. Tapping this local talent resource has already helped many companies expand and branch into new ventures, growing their businesses and their bottom lines.

For more information on how to connect your company with local student talent, contact MTEC SmartZone at 906–487–7000.