Securing a Solid Future: MTEC SmartZone Companies File 15 Patents

HANCOCK, Michigan (October 20, 2011) – MTEC SmartZone company Consistacom recently received a patent for their method and system for automatically generating flow charts for calls to a call center. This patent is a competitive step forward for Consistacom. As an MTEC SmartZone Company, Consistacom received resources and support throughout the patent process.

Consistacom has built a client base encompassing Fortune 500 Companies across the nation. Based in MTEC SmartZone’s Jutila Center, Consistacom serves the world’s most advanced call centers. Consistacom provides scientific, enterprise-level management tools and services for voice communication systems. “Even with a patent-holding father and father-in-law, I did not know the patent process. This new patent protects my company and makes potential clients feel secure.” states Fitzgerald.

MTEC SmartZone connected Fitzgerald with the resources to navigate the patent process. MTEC SmartZone Program Director, Jonathan Leinonen supplied information on intellectual property, utilizing connections with Michigan Technological University’s Office of Technology. Once clearance was obtained, MTEC SmartZone connected Fitzgerald to a legal firm to provide additional educational sessions on the patent process and to prepare the application. Consistacom’s new patent will help the company grow and expand nationally.

Fifteen patents have been filed by MTEC SmartZone companies. The patent process can take up to five years. Through each filing, companies have received support services from MTEC SmartZone. Leinonen believes more patent activity will occur with MTEC SmartZone’s increasing connectivity to partner Michigan Tech, a research and development-based university. Through the lengthy patent process, MTEC SmartZone companies benefit from the expertise and connectivity of MTEC SmartZone.

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