MTEC SmartZone Company, Lasalletech Continues Global Growth

HANCOCK, Michigan – LaSalle Technology Group, LLC (Lasalletech) is an established MTEC SmartZone company. Founded by the father and son team of Jim and Jacob Northey in 2006, they opened office in MTEC SmartZone’s Jutila Center campus. Utilizing technology, loan programs and marketing resources provided by MTEC SmartZone, Lasalletech has found success through the development phase, product launch and now sales.

Lasalletech’s software productivity suite are next-generation software tools that support systems to improve productivity and communication in the global financial trading industry. Their “FIX Productivity Suite” is a series of highly integrated tools that reduce costs and result in quicker trades to market.

Lasalletech has resellers, partners and clients in the financial trading industry around the globe. Shortly after their initial product launch in late 2010, they started partnering with resellers in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, South East Asia, Hong Kong, Middle East, North America – and now Brazil.

MTEC SmartZone is proud to announce this new partnership between Lasalletech and EXTOL of São Paulo, Brazil. MTEC SmartZone CEO Carlton Crothers proudly states, “Lasalletech is a great success story for us. Last year we worked with Lasalletech and Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) to provide a loan that allowed them to launch their new product line. Lasalletech is exactly the type of success we are seeing from these loan programs.”

As a resource for all MTEC SmartZone companies, and to facilitate communication between Lasalletech and their new global partner, MTEC SmartZone invested in two Polycom high-definition video conferencing systems at both the Jutila Center and the flagship, 17,000-square-foot, Lakeshore location. “Lasalletech has found the HD video conferencing system invaluable for regular communications with their customer in Brazil,” Crothers states.

Lasalletech’s Jacob Northey confirms MTEC SmartZone’s role in their global success. “MTEC SmartZone has made it possible for us to keep our worldwide partners up-to-date with the latest versions of our products, using the fastest internet and video conferencing available. Best of all, these resources help us reduce travel costs.”

Initially, the strategic partnership has EXTOL providing sales and support for Lasalletech software products throughout Latin America. “This is an exciting new partnership. Similar to Lasalletech, EXTOL has a proven track record for delivering trading solutions,” said Lasalletech founder Jim Northey. This new partnership is the result of collaboration between Jim Northey, Edwin Montenegro, EXTOL CEO, and Silvio Perla, EXTOL Sales Manager. Together, the team previously worked in volunteer leadership positions with FIX Protocol Ltd.

Less than eight months into their initial product launch, Lasalletech enters yet another financial market – Latin America. With the high-tech resources provided by MTEC SmartZone, the future possibilities for product development and sales are limitless.

For more information on Lasalletech please visit their Website at To learn more about MTEC SmartZone programs please visit or call (906) 487-7000.