Talon Research

(906) 483-2679
Jay Ruohonen: jay@talonresearch.com
200 Michigan St. Hancock, MI 49931

Talon Research Inc. is a multifaceted company established to develop high-tech, niche products with unique application requirements for the global marketplace. Talon Research capitalizes on the engineering, CAD design, finance, operations and business development strengths within their team. In cooperation with an extensive network of client partners, professionals and academia, Talon Research offers research and development of innovative products, design solutions, and business development opportunities for the local and global communities.

About Hawk Technologies Design Services, a Division of Talon Research, Inc.

Hawk offers a mix of mechanical design services to support manufacturers and engineeringcompanies. Support is provided with the use of a variety of CAD software packages including Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks and Inventor. Whether its 3D models, schematics, details drawings or illustrative needs, Hawk has a proven track record with over 20 years of experience. Our team includes mechanical engineers, electro-mechanical technicians, mechanical designers and a variety of on hands experience in the real world. We have worked in the commercial, military and medical fields and have worked with product development applications.

About BridgeGuard®, a Division of Talon Research, Inc.

BridgeGuard® is a revolutionary infrared bridge inspection service implemented through a
thermal imaging sensor and proprietary software that identifies and locates delaminations
in bridge decks and substructures. BridgeGuard® is best suited as an initial scoping tool to
determine which bridge decks or substructures need further investigation. BridgeGuard®
services do not require lane closures or commerce rerouting since all deck scanning is
completed at near-highway speeds. Substructures can be scanned from the ground or by boat.
BridgeGuard® is a division of Talon Research, Inc. and located in Hancock, Michigan.

Talon Research Inc. is:
• A Certified Small Business
• Within a Michigan HUB-Zone
• Woman Owned
• A MTEC SmartZone Graduated Tenant
• A Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) member
• Located in Michigan’s pristine Upper Peninsula